We love to share our passion for Agave spirits.
Agavera offers Staff training for the restaurant or bar that already count with a small line up of traditional spirits. Write us a line if you would like your staff to sell your products more evenly with rooted knowledge and up to date info about the complex  and exciting world of Agave spirits.


Learn by sipping it neat.

Agavera also offers private & personal tasting for small or bigger groups.
With the goal of developing a better understanding of the distills that Mexico offers to the world.

Diverse styles of tastings to fit the diverse levels of knowledge of the spirits.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Dynamic Tasting with cultural & social focus. can be done by agave diversity, region or general overview of all things agave. 4 Spirits

-Prices 2-4 humans (250€) , 5-10 humans(400€)-

inkl. one bottle mezcal, your choice*

The experience also includes diverse spirit catalyzers such as Worm/ grasshopper salt ,and Mexican sweets to loop down the evening.

* price may have slight variation depending of the chosen bottle.

Write us a line to get you sorted out!