San Luis Potosi Derrumbes

San Luis Potosí, Charcas 700ml

Juan Manuel Peréz Juárez 43.5° Agave Salmiana

Wild agave Salmiana Crassispina that grows naturally in the High Plateau of San Luis Potosi. With not enough trees to support mezcal production, Maestro mezcalero Manuel Perez forages for dry Salmiana leaves and quiotes to use as fuel. The result is an incredibly unique mezcal that reflects the flavors of its surroundings like no other. This floral and herbaceous mezcal from the village of Charcas has just the right touch of sweetness to balance its delicate intensity.

Paprika profile makes this mezcal a rare yet exciting experience.

By Juan Manuel Peréz Juárez 43.5° Agave Salmiana

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Oaxaca Derrumbes

Oaxaca, Santiago Matatlan 700ml

By Javier Mateo 48°   Espadin/Tobalá 70/30%

An ensemble of two of its most representative species - Espadín and Tobalá - it is produced by the skillful hand of third generation agave farmer and Maestro Javier Mateo and his family in the town of Santiago Matatlán. Pit roasted with black oak and tahona ground, it goes thru a wild fermentation using pulque as aid and water from the ancestral Zapotec town of Mitla.

By Javier Mateo 48° Espadin/Tobalá 70/30%

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Tamaulipas Derrumbes

Tamaulipas, San Carlos
By Cuahutemoc Jacques 46° Americana / Univittata / Funquiana 700ml

 stunning ensemble with a blend of 3 different agaves: Tamaulipas endemic Funkiana and Univittata, together with Americana. The result is a high-energy spirit that feels sweet, dry and rich with multiple layers of flavor and aroma.

By Cuahutemoc Jacques 46° Americana / Univittata / Funquiana 700ml

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Zacatecas Derrumbes

Zacatecas, Hacienda de Guadalupe

By: Jaime Bañuelos 48° Tequilana Weber 700ml

Derrumbes Zacatecas is made from 100% Tequilana Weber in the village of Huitzila, Zacatecas, right across the majestic barranca (canyon) that divides it from the valley of Tequila. Being so close, Zacatecas is mostly known for mezcal produced in the fashion of Tequila. The Bañuelos family however, are among few mezcaleros in Zacatecas that produce traditional mezcal. Pit roasted, tahona ground and spontaneously fermented, Derrumbes Zacatecas is a rare opportunity to travel back in time to experience a more ancient expression to Blue agave.

By: Jaime Bañuelos 48° Tequilana Weber 700ml

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Durango Derrumbes

Durango, Nombre de Dios

By Maestro mezcalero Uriel Simental

45°Agave Cenizo (Durangesis)

Wood & copper Stills with an interesting neck for external condensation. 

Uriel Simmental produces in this remote village an Exciting balance of summer fruit, nuts and dry minerality that loops down with a lovely light smokiness.

By Maestro mezcalero Uriel Simental 45°Agave Cenizo (Durangesis)

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Michoacan Derrumbes

Michoacan, Tzitzio
By Lupe Pérez Toledo 45° Cupreata/ Ineaquidens 700ml

Fermented under the red clay floor of the taberna in pinewood lined pits to protect it from low temperatures to be then distilled in Michoacán’s own Philippine style stills made of wood staves and copper over direct flame.

By Lupe Pérez Toledo 45° Cupreata/ Ineaquidens 700ml

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