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Espadin Capon NETA

BY: Candido Garcia Cruz

Produced in palenque Logoche, Miahutlán, Sierra Sur Oaxaca

46.10°- 92.2 Proof 

100% Agave Angustifolia  ( Capón)



Espadin Capon NETA 400 Lt production

74,50 €

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Jabalín NETA (8o lt Batch)

BY: Candido Garcia Cruz

Produced in palenque Logoche, Miahutlán, Sierra Sur Oaxaca

48.3°- 96.6 Proof 

100% Agave Jabalín ( A. Convallis)
microbatch of  80 lts!!

Jabalín NETA 8o lt micro batch

105,00 €

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Caballito Cerrero 46°

Agave spirit  from Amatitan, Jalisco , Mexico

Produced by the Jiménez family 46° 700ml
100% Agave Chato ( Angustifolio Haw)
Double Distilation 
Rested in stainless still for 45-60  days

Caballito Cerrero 46° / The horse that Doesn't need a show horse!

65,00 €

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Lobo de la Sierra

BY: Gerardo Peña

Produced in Taberna " El Manantial"

40°- 80 Proof Jacales, Jalisco, Mexico.

100% Agave Maximiliana

Cooked with Oak for 3-4 days in Adobe ovens above ground

Wild  natural fermentation 

Arabic stainless steel Pot

Double distillation

Raicilla lobo de la Sierra Maximiliana

61,00 €

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-Past events-

Check out our collaboration with our friends from Fuerstwiacek at the photo link  ↯
Check out their Moto, its so uplifting!

At FUERST WIACEK we like to create modern beer. Based in Berlin since 2016, we define ourselves as an adventurous company, in which we enjoy to experiment and learn about different ingredients and processes to brew great tasty beers.

At the same time, we love precision and attention to detail. Our raw ingredients are meticulously selected, our brew processes have the best practices and each beer is carefully designed to deliver a fantastic experience. 

This is our big passion, and each day we feel fully empowered by the energy that our community give us by enjoying the quality of our beers. 


We have an Online shop!

We have hear since a good while that our friends and clients want to buy directly from us.
That´s why we have developed a small online shop with a curated selection of Mexican spirits that will help you have  a better and deeper understanding of all things Agave.

Join us at Craft spirits 2020!


Once again, the finest Mexican open tasting in Berlin unfolds for all Agave lovers out there.
We invite you to try the biggest selection of agave distills in a single event.
Agave Hub has been detonating interest for quality agave spirits since 5 years in a row!!, In the frame of one of the biggest and most beloved conventions out there, Bar Convent Berlin.
This year we will produce the best HUB so far, developing a cultural space where both locals and convention attendees can enjoy what Mexico has to offer having place at the lovely Hallesches Haus, a super central and beautiful space in Kreuzberg.

Had a GREAT time in Hamburg presenting this Jewels.
Jalisco coming in strong!!

Puntas, Gracias is a 6 week pop-Up in Berlin, Mitte that seeks to deliver you to the authentic heart of 100% craft Mexican agave spirits.

A funky group-reservation affair. The winter balm you have been looking for!!

What is our path...

Each year Agavera promotes new cultural elements of the vast Mexican culture. We hang on to some and let other projects take their own exciting way. The goal is to share the most vibrant of our heritage, always looking out for quality and origin.
Check out our Shop! 

Knowing our roots we can have a better idea of how big can we grow!

WEre to find us ↴

Street Food Thursday Special x Despedida de Muertos


One of the last ones of the year!

Mezcal and his secret cousins



Reuterstraße 47

12047 Berlin     


Register here!



La Lucha Berlin

Only by invitation!

Mezcal Pairing Dinner


Starts 19:30uhr

Scharnweber str 32,

10245 Berlin


History & context of Raicilla with Tequila and Mezcal as Contrast Elements


Meet the other spirits

Starts 19:00uhr

Scharnweber str 32,

10245 Berlin