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Caballito Cerrero 46°

Agave spirit  from Amatitan, Jalisco , Mexico

Produced by the Jiménez family 46° 700ml
100% Agave Chato ( Angustifolio Haw)
Double Distilation in stainless still ( 1st distillation) and Copper ( 2nd distillation)
Rested in stainless still for 45-60  days

Caballito Cerrero is a Tequila company founded in 1968 by Don Alfonso Jimenez Rosales. It is considered one of the top Tequila distilleries in the world. They're committed to producing Tequila the traditional way and that sometimes means they butt heads with the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT). For this reason, some of their traditionally produced Tequilas do not fit within the guidelines of what can legally be called Tequila, so they label them Destilado de Agave.
Great Write up of the brand!

Caballito Cerrero 46° / The horse that Doesn't need a show horse!

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Tabernas La Venenosa

El Tuito, Costa Norte Jalisco, Mexico

Master distiller  Alvaro Perez 40° 

100% Chico Aguiar ( Var. Angustifolia Haw/ Espadin)

Cooked for 3-4 days in a conical oven under the ground with black Oak, this lovely raicilla is a great take on terrior. As the subtle differences on flavor can be identify if compared with an Espadin form Oaxaca. ALSO a great introductory mezcal!

Natural Wild fermentation, double distilled in Philippine Stainless steal .

Tabernas By Alvaro Perez 40° 700ml

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La Venenosa Costa Norte

Raicilla Costa  Norte Jalisco

Don Alberto Hernandes Baldovinos

45.5° 91 Proof

Agave Rhodacantha( Amarillo Gr) 12Years

Agave Angustifolia ( Pata de mula) 8 Years

700mts above sea level

The funk is real  with this one.

Has notes of cedar and pine. Great balance of smoke and agave.

Costa Norte Raicilla

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Michoacan Derrumbes

Michoacan, Tzitzio
By Lupe Pérez Toledo 45° Cupreata/ Ineaquidens 700ml

Fermented under the red clay floor of the taberna in pinewood lined pits to protect it from low temperatures to be then distilled in Michoacán’s own Philippine style stills made of wood staves and copper over direct flame.

By Lupe Pérez Toledo 45° Cupreata/ Ineaquidens 700ml

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